Free 2M Backup Home Edition 2M 2016 Bonanza

M BACKUP DESKTOP IS A FLEXIBLE AND INEXPENSIVE SOLUTION FOR PROTECTING ANY COMPUTER YOU CAN CREATE UNLIMITED BACKUP JOBS TO SAVE FILES TO FTP OR CLOUD SPACES SUCH AS GOOGLE DRIVE OR DROPBOX OR ANY MASS STORAGE DEVICE USB DRIVES EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES NAS ETC M IS A VERY STABLE SOFTWARE THAT DOES THE WORK ACCURATELY AND WITHOUT INTERRUPTING THE USER’S WORK ITS MANY FEATURES – SUCH AS SYNCHRONIZATION COMPRESSION NETWORK AUTHENTICATION INSTALLATION AS SERVICE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS – MAKE IT AN HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE AND USEFUL SOFTWARE FINALLY THANKS TO THE PERPETUAL LICENSE NO RENEWAL COST AND THE FREE SUPPORT AND UPDATES M IS CERTAINLY THE MOST DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE CHOICE TO BACKUP AND PROTECT YOUR DATA KEY FEATURES ·        Drive image backup disaster recovery ·        Backup to Google Drive Amazon S Azure Storage OneDrive Dropbox ·        Remote backup FTPSFTP ·        Compression and AES encryption ·        Scheduling of automatic backups ·        Installation as service ·        Lightweight and portable ·        Upload and Download of websites ·        Flexible backup retention policies ·        Incremental backup and synchronization ·        Open file backup VSS ·        Backup to NAS USB drives RDX etc ·        Email notifications ·        Support and updates included  

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