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Got books Get All My Books now and manage your collection with ease Is there a perfect electronic home library in existence All My Books is close to becoming the perfect librarian Organizing your bookshelves into a convenient library that is easy to browse and to search All My Books is a library and the librarian in one tool Group and browse your collection of books by title author or publisher or run a quick search by any field You can even define your own fields to label the books such as comments or memos and search them later What use would be an electronic book organizer if you had to spend hours to catalogue your entire collection All My Books does not ask you about every little detail about the book Instead it implements a revolutionary way to create and organize your collection No longer must you type information about every book by hand Just enter the books title or ISBN number from the back of the book and All My Books will retrieve the rest of the data automatically from the Internet Missing a book You might have loaned it out a while ago but can you remember who borrowed the book from you and when All My Books tracks the books from your collection with the builtin loaner manager Giving a book away Just put a quick note on who took it and All My Books will record the date automatically Even better All My Books will remind you of that book when the time comes With the loaner manager youll be able to stay tuned on who took your books and when You will never lose a loaned book again Do you have your collection organized elsewhere All My Books imports and exports book databases in Excel and CSV format making data entry into and out of All My Books a snap All My Books can deal with usual printed books as well as with modern ebooks dozen of formats and audiobooks Download and enjoy

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