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Free Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Standard is a basic edition for one workstation oriented towards backup of filesfolders and Outlook What it backs up user files and folders NAS data and popular apps Outlook Quickbooks and others Where it stores it local and external hard drives NAS FTP and commercial clouds The list of key features for Handy Backup Standard Automatically performing scheduled tasks on a regular basis Making full incremental and differential backup Strong encryption and ZIP compression of data kept or sent Running tasks as Windows Service for minimizing user distractions Starting other applications before or after any particular backup task Email notifications and activity logging Backup with timestamps

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Download Handy Backup Small Server

Handy Backup Small Server is a backup software designed for Windows for small to medium business Commonly it is installed on a server or host machine for database business data backup What it backs up files folders HDD images MySQL PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange Server Oracle DB Lotus Notes and other server data Where it stores it local and external hard drives LAN FTP NAS clouds WebDaV SFTP FTPS and popular cloud services Some key features of Handy Backup Small Server Backup of all popular databases You may automate saving copies of any of your mission critical business apps data including files and folders selected by name andor extension masks Handy Backup is capable to save the perfect image of any server physical or virtual It supports any type of virtual server engine including HyperV VirtualBox and VMware Handy Backup can store data at any of popular cloud services such as Amazon S Google Drive or Dropbox and the dedicated cloud storage HBdrive Any type of data can be copied without stopping other processes using these data saving both the time and user efforts from unnecessary pauses Backup tasks can be tuned flexibly by scheduling these tasks as well as supporting full incremental and differential backup rotating backup versions and other options

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Download Handy Backup Server Network

Handy Backup Server Networ is an allincluded server backup software that lets you control all enterprise backup and recovery workflows from a single control point The utility manages automatic backup of Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Oracle IDM DB and any ODBCcompatible databases The variety of presented storage options includes local and network drives optical disks backup to DVD Bluray etc remote FTP locations secure SFTP servers secure Handy Backup cloud Hot database backup is featured backing up in a service interruptionfree mode With Handy Backup Server Network you can control backups of all workstations and servers both physical and virtual from a single control point At any time you can add more Network Agents the solution grows with your needs You can quickly roll back to a snapshot in the past or recover any individual object of any workstation or server without physically attending it This is critical for any business plan Handy Backup Server Network is a setandforget solution once set up it does everything automatically Control options include detailed logs commandline client email notifications and much more   Handy Backup Server Network Workstation Agents and Server Agents can be used underWindows Server R and Windows VistaXP operating systemsWorkstation Agents can be used under Linux OS  

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Best Handy Backup Professional

Handy Backup Professional an ideal solution for advanced users and office users It has a very comprehensible Wizarddriven interface and can serve users of any computer expertise This software lets you create disk images back up databases and take advantage of a range of security and control options What it backs up user filesfolders NAS data popular apps Outlook Quickbooks etc complete disk image backup Where it stores it local and external hard drives LAN FTP clouds WebDaV SFTP FTPS Amazon S and other places Some key features of Handy Backup Professional Handy Backup supports three different types of backup full incremental and differential backup as wel as mirroring data Flexible and powerful task scheduler allows programming backup tasks for automatic execution on a regular basis Backup with ZIP compression allows users to compress the data before backup and save storage space System Recovery allows backing up the entire hard drive of a given computer including the operating system and restoring the computer to a working state after hard drive crashes or system failures Hard Disk Cloning restoring hard drive image backup to location different than the original is an effective way to clone hard drive or partition Running tasks as Windows service allows users to schedule backup and set all options once and then have backup processes executed in time even if no user logged in

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Download Handy Backup Network

Handy Backup Network is a data backup software solution oriented toward smallmedium business and offices The utility allows backing up and recovering data stored on both central server and remote computers All backup and recovery jobs are controlled from a single control point The utility supports filesbased and image backup of both network workstations and the central server can backup MS Exchange mailboxes Lotus Notes MS SQL My SQL and other databases Handy Backup Network and Workstation Agents are designed to work under Windows VistaXP and Windows Server operating systems Some key features of Handy Backup Network Each Workstation Agent can be used as a source of data as a storage server or as a “staging” machine that further transfers the backup to FTP SFTP FTPS WebDAV Amazon S or other location All operations are controlled from only one point and you can back up or restore files from any workstation without physically attending it Users on remote computers can even not know that their data is being backed up Depending on your backup policies you can create complete HDD images or back up any individual files and folders stored on network workstations If your network grows you can add more Agents at any time

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