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Batch Word File Converter – Converts doc to all other formats Batch Word File Converter is really a time and money saving tool which can converts multiple word files like doc and docx to other formats It can convert doc to xml doc to pdf docx to html docx to doc docx to xps and all other combinations of conversion Conversion of multiple files one by one takes lot of time This doc to all converters can perform one day work in some minutes It allows user to add multiple supported files one by one or directly by importing a folder which contains multiple doc or docx files After importing multiple files user can remove all files or multiple files from the list It also allows the user to delete any file at the time of processing if you have entered a file by mistake Before conversion process starts user chooses a file format for conversion User can choose any format among following file formats Word Document docx Word Document doc Word Template dot Word MacroEnabled Document docm Word MacroEnabled Templatedotm Word Template dotx PDF pdf Plain Text txt Rich Text Format rtf Single File Web Page mhtml Web Page html Word XML Document xml Works wps XPS Document xps User can save converted files at any place in the computer It shows time taken to convert a file in the status column If by any reason your conversion fails then it shows the proper description of error in the status column so that you can remove this exception  

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