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DoGoodSoft Best Disk Lock is a powerful disks lock and USB storage devices control package It can protect your data on disks and USB storage devices from leakage   To meet different users need this software provides three different lock levels elementary lock intermediate lock and advanced lock After a disk is locked it can be hidden in the computer while the disk with advancedlock will be hidden completely that is it cannot be found in any environment except in Best Disk Lock    The feature Control USB is divided into two parts disable USB storage devices and set them as readonly The former can block all USB storage devices like a USB disk and external hard drive inserted in a computer and it cannot be found in  ComputerMy computer The latter allows you to read data on one of USB storage devices normally but cannot write data to it    The program can also set the security of your system and optimize the computer system Besides it permits you to use tools that come with the system without extra command

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