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Bulk SMS Broadcaster is bulk SMS software that works as a bulk SMS sender to send SMS to thousands of recipients from your personal computer or laptop You can connect your mobile to the PC and start sending SMS to a vast number of mobile phones using mobile phones The software provides the facility of connecting mobile phones on all available USB port of your pc or laptop for sending the SMS It means you don’t have any restriction on the numbers of mobile phones The Bulk SMS software has emerged as one of the best platforms for sending bulk SMS PC to mobile This bulk SMS Sender offers various functions and customizations options as well You can customize the SMS using various fields for mobile number name of the recipient etc One of the best features of the software is that it has an inbuilt feature that detects the mobiles connected to the PC Once it detects the mobiles it provides you the option of selecting the mobile phone through which you wish the SMSs to be sent The SMS software allows you to use it as a group SMS sender It provides you a feature where the country code can be added as the prefix to the number to which the SMS has to be sent The delay in SMS is another noteworthy feature of this bulk text messaging software It offers you the advantage of adding the mobile numbers by loading them from an Excel spreadsheet and thus it has become a great tool for the SMS mobile marketing in various organizations Besides the automatic loading of the list facility it also provides the option of letting you manually select the numbers to send the SMSs too Another great feature of the software is that it provides you with a log file that contains all the data related to the sent SMS as well as the failed SMS The data would include the number the message sent and the date of sending The Bulk SMS Broadcaster will work well with all the SMS mobile all that you need to ensure is that your mobile connection package includes the necessary SMS package or that there is sufficient balance to send SMS The software is simple to work with and offers an intuitive interface The GSM mobiles will have to be connected through the USB or Bluetooth The SMS Mobile Software also provides the option of personalizing the messages for each recipient through the Excel spreadsheets which is quite a unique feature Besides these incredible set of features you also have the option of sending flash SMS through the software

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