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Full Vista BootScreen CyberM16 Cyber Monday 2016 Offer

Quick and easy customize your Windows Vista boot screen logo With Vista BootScreen you can change your Vista boot screen logos with full color images No more boring progressbar and poor quality images Now you can use your bit pictures in JPG PNG or BMP format You dont need to replace files manually With skin technology you just create skin then install it into boot skins library and use it Create your own Windows Vista boot screen skins and share them with friends or publish in the Internet Try it and you will see how your Windows Vista can look This is absolutely safe for your system

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Fast and simple personalize your Windows trunk display emblem!

Using Landscape BootScreen your Landscape trunk display trademarks can alter using full-color pictures!
No progressbar that is more dull and quality pictures that are poor. You can now utilize your images that are 32bit in PNG DIGITAL or BMP structure.

That you don’t need certainly to substitute documents personally. Using epidermis technologies epidermis is simply created by you next utilize it and deploy it into trunk skin collection! Produce your Windows Vista trunk display skin that are personal and reveal these using buddies or submit within the Web.
Check it out . This really is not definitely dangerous for the program.

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