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CHK File Recovery is an excellent recovery tool specialized in recovering CHK files in a quick and easy way CHK File Recovery can accurately and quickly recover more than common file types such as mp mp jpg bmp gif png avi rm mov mpg wma wmv doc docx xls xlsx ppt pptx zip rar exe dll sql mdb psd etc CHK File Recovery can determine the file type automatically by default However if some unknown file types cannot be recognized automatically use the Manual Judging function confirm the file extension Manual Judging can determine the file content of a unknown file through methods and recover it afterwards The interface of CHK File Recovery is simple and clear It is easy to use You just need to select a disk in the browse window and click Search then CHK File Recovery starts to scan the whole disk automatically Afterwards the search results and found CHK files are shown in the list of the software by type Besides you can choose to search and scan a certain folder you specified

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