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Color grading is a critical tool for evoking answers from your video viewers In ColorDirector this prolevel editing technique is and making feelings telling narratives Strong and all-inclusive yet straightforward for anybody to master Along with all-inclusive international and regional ranking tools ColorDirector features smooth interoperability with PowerDirector allowing for quick and simple optimization of video tones as well as colours as well as the capability to radically alter the feel and look of a generation by immediately using filmstyle presets ColorDirector’s inspiring tools and intuitive layout will take your creations to another amount Simple Methods to Stylize Your Videos ColorDirector has a group of innovative tools that provide you with the ability to establish the desired mood and ambience of your video Builtin colour presets let you emulate the designs of wellknown films and HDR effects allow you to raise the dynamic range of luminosity of your original footage Strong motion tracking along with regional tints and blurs allow you to emphasize key items and individuals Fast Repair reduce artifact sound within your videos and Shade Light Issues ColorDirector includes an entire group of tools to correct white balance adjust — by fixing the edge sharpness of items, particularly useful for grainy lowlight pictures you can even improve visual details Packaged with ProLevel Operation The bit TrueVelocity color enables ColorDirector to readily manage so much as the greatest quality K video files fps high frame rate video could be effortlessly previewed exported at the exact same frame rate with no frame loss and adjusted Emphasize Key Figures with Radial Gradient Mask Draw attention to focal points The Radialshaped Gradient Mask lets you make multiple offcenter vignetted places to emphasize subjects or particular regions in a video Regional and Global Blur Effects NEW Control the depth of field in a picture Blur effects let you keep just a Part of the video in focus while choosing the remainder of it out of focus This Really is a very good method to bring attention to an area that is particular Regional Tint Effects NEW Change the disposition or focus in a scene The Tint Filter lets you produce a monotone colour display on a chosen region of a video Use it to create fascinating effects or to draw the viewer’s attention to an individual or thing Convert Video Colour with Lookup Tables LUT Match footage use a visual design or preview an output LUTs are useful for fitting footage from one source to another eg a D leave to live action film for visual effect eg filmstyle emulation or for output signal previewing eg film stock digital projection and DVD ColorDirector supports dlmgamdcubecsp format LUT files Emulate Favourite Film Designs Use popular stylized levels to provide your video professional polish If you are seeming to provide your creation a cinematic border there is no faster or simpler method than implementing a preset ColorDirector has a range of builtin professionally designed presets that emulate wellknown film appears but you may also save any alterations you make to a video as a preset and use it again on future endeavors Create Stunning HDR Video EXCEPTIONAL Transform everyday seeming video footage into impressive scenes Creating pictures with exceptional hopeless detail using HDR techniques is popular with photographers appearing for a greater dynamic range of exposures within their pictures ColorDirector now brings the HDR effect to videos enabling capture of the entire magnitude of a scene with powerful contrast in exposure and without giving both of the extreme tonalities Divide Toning for Video Add emotion and impact to your videos Divide toning includes adding a colour to the shadows and highlights of a video Its an old photographs technique but is a more recent and quite successful add-on to the video editor’s toolkit Its a good strategy to evoke a particular feeling from your video footage or even Realize a stunning effect that makes an enduring impression with your watchers Bring Out Detail in Low Light Videos Reduce video noise and sharpen details in trouble videos Videographers despise video sound particularly the sound resultant from shooting in low light scenarios New Noise Reduction and Sharpening tools in ColorDirector remove digital artifacts in video and may make video appear sharper without any amplification of sound Repair UnderOver Exposure with Live Histogram See at a glance where exposure issues are in your videos The horizontal axis of the histogram symbolizes the various tones that range from the darkness on the left to the highlights on the right with midtones between The live histogram lets you judge whether footage is exposed accurately and also shows you whether you’re cutting the highlights or the shadows losing details in those places Connect with Enthusiast Editors on DirectorZone Learn from and share with other video manufacturers on the internet’s biggest on-line video editing community ColorDirector empowers you to make stylistic colour adjustments to your videos and then save those adjustments as a preset to apply to other jobs you can even upload your presets to DirectorZonecom for other people to use Of course with everyone uploading there is additionally a tremendous group of free presets to download including presets made using both ColorDirector PhotoDirector The Convenience of Cloud Services NEW Upload Download and Share Jobs via CyberLink Cloud Integration of the new CyberLink Cloud service in ColorDirector means you can save videos color grading jobs and back-up settings advice to the cloud in order you could get and download them whenever and wherever you need them And whatever you save to the cloud is reachable from any internet browser via the CyberLink Cloud net interface

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