Full CPS Plus Standard

  CPS Plus sequential data-acquisition application allows sequential products like navigation devices, electronic machines, magnetic-stripe visitors, devices, lab devices, microcontrolers, barcode pictures to speak using any Windows application.  + Works using several sequential slots simultaneously: COM1, COM2, COM3 … COM99 –  unlimited!  + Completely configurable information filtration, to obtain information you would like in the enter strings.  + Record choices: powerful document mode, keystroke mode, D-DE mode (Shine, Entry…) Charts and + Produce graphs inside your programs that instantly revise using information from your own products that are sequential OR devices. + real-time information that is Enter record application, into Shine, Entry… Any + time-stamping and Automated Day. + Deliver any ASCII figure(s) to sequential products OR devices (keep in touch with, manage, and move information with your sequential gadget without composing any signal). + super easy to make use of. + Number equipment improvements needed! No encoding required.   

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