Free Dev Virto Bulk Data Edit for SP2016

Virto Bulk Data Edit is a web part for Microsoft SharePoint that allows users to edit multiple data all at onceJust open a SharePoint list or Document Library with any type of data select the fields that are to be edited proceed to the edit mode and update the selected items all at once By using Virto Bulk Data Edit you can save enormous amount of time on editing similar fields of various items such as ToDo statuses Imagine you have a list of tasks and you need to change statuses from not started to in progress for all of them You need to open each task go to edit mode and change the status manually This needs to be done at least times and takes you at least minutes What a timeeater Virto Bulk Data Edit allows you to do the same with just a few clicks and will only take one minute or less All you need to do is open your list check mark the tasks that needs to be changed and change the field status to in progress Super easy Features Edit data of the same field for a group of items documents Can be used in any type of SharePoint List of Document Library Supports any SharePoint List View or Tree View Ability to check which items needs to be changed Ability to use it as a web part Cross browser support Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera  

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