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Virto Incoming Email Feature — new simple and effective service for Microsoft SharePoint for routing and collecting incoming emails from POP IMAP Servers Default SharePoint Incoming Email Service Microsoft SharePoint enables incoming email routing SharePoint default Incoming email service collects messages from specified email addresses and put the information from the messages into a predefined SharePoint list The service is often used for organizing some help desk or customer support services where processing incoming mail usually serves as the first step in the workflow scheme This feature is organized with Incoming Email Service and can be found in “Operations” tab in SharePoint “Central Administration” block If Incoming email service is working SharePoint runs background job Windows SharePoint Services Incoming EMail according to timer settings This job is controlled by Windows SharePoint Services Timer like other planned jobs At the same time email messages are collected from only one SMTPdomain After email routing is adjusted on the farm level site administrators can allow sending email to certain lists in the library Not all the types of lists are supported for this procedure The list of available ones is in “Incoming email settings” block in “Communications” section Available settings depend on type of the list – for example document library asks what you are going to do with an attachment and blog list enables to define if contained element should be instantly published When email is processed four parameters are saved by default EmailTo EmailCc EmailFrom EmailSubject However the default SharePoint service has some shortcomings that restrict its usefulness and applicability First it allows collecting email messages from SMTP servers only Second it does not allow for collecting emails from more than one mail server or domain Third the service supports only default SharePoint list types and cannot put email information to a list of a custom type Finally the deployment and setting up procedures are not that quick and simple Virto Incoming Email Feature for SharePoint Virtosoftware offers an alternative solution that on the one hand is much simpler in deployment and usage and on the other hand provides SharePoint users with additional features In addition to all the features available when using the default SharePoint email service Virto Incoming Email Service allows for collecting mail from POP IMAP servers collecting mail from multiple email servers and domains and enables gathering information from emails in SharePoint lists of any type including custom ones Features Collecting emails from several POP IMAP Server to Single SharePoint List Saving incoming mail to any type of SharePoint List including custom Using special Incoming Email List Templates Fields EmailTo EmailCc EmailFrom EmailSubject EmailHtmlBody are added to the List automatically Original email message as well as all attachments is available through the List Email Document Object Model EDOM for developers is supported Extracting email attachments from Outlook winmaildat file  

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