Best Dev Virto List Form Extender for SP2013

Virto Custom List Form Extender is an Ajax and Java Script based web part that provides quick and simple customizing of SharePoint list forms for creating editing and viewing list items For all SharePoint lists and libraries there are assigned default forms that are displayed when a user wants to add edit or view a list item These forms sometimes contain a very restricted amount of information about the list or item present problems with usability or they just don’t always look nice enough With the new Virto List Form Extender web part by VirtoSoftware you can now easily design your own list forms in a way that fully satisfies your specific needs and requirements and replace the default ones with just a few clicks The version allows for solving the three following tasks First users can create custom SharePoint forms with additional tabs and blocks for better information displaying Various options allow for among the others automatic hiding empty tabs flexible security settings a particular block or tab can be available for certain users only etc Second using regular expressions you can design your own validator in addition to default such as email or credit card number and add it to any text field on a form  Finally Virto List Form Extender provides tools for customizing form text fields You can for example flexibly set security rules and enabledisable autofill option   This component is extremely easy to install adjust and use Once the web part is installed you can immediately start designing your own list forms with additional features that allow autofill fields define default field values as well as setting up security rights to restrict access to specific tabs andor fields for particular users and user groups The web part is based on Ajax and Java Script technologies to guarantee quick access to a list form data without a post back An important detail to mention is that Virto List Form Extender web part does not fully modify the default list forms that are stored on your SharePoint server but rather extends the list form features and functionality on to the client side keeping the option to restore the default forms at any time Features Creating own Forms View Edit New Item for Custom Task Calendar Contact and Issue Tracking Lists Document Library  Grouping fields into particular tabs Showing tabs as blocks Hiding empty tabs Quick switching between tabs with no delays Ability to add as many tabs as you need on each form Cool and dynamic JQuery Date Picker Auto complete option using values of  the same or any other List Using default values coming in future versions Optional Tooltip containing hint and field description information text links etc Autosuggestion settings option enables to auto complete fields when entered text is contained in tabs Validators for checking if typed value matches the specified pattern predefined or custom Dynamic client side field visibility for newedit item forms  

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