Best Dev Virto Password Change Web Part for SP2013

Virto Password Changer Web Part for SharePoint and enables Active Directory AD users and users with general accounts FBAP to change themselves their passwords when they are logged onto SharePoint Site  This web part is indeed helpful if there are a lot of AD accounts in your system and users need to change their passwords from time to time due to security or other reasons Remote AD users can also change passwords without any difficulties With Virto Password Changer system administrator does not need to change all the passwords manually anymore He just adds the web part to intranet or extranet SharePoint Portal Then authorized users can easily manage their passwords without the administrators help When user requests the web part the system automatically determines the category the user belongs to — Active Directory or other Form Based Authentication Provider FBAP Then the user types his old password and a new one The web part transfers this data to AD or other FBAP base and the new password is saved in the database In case a user has advanced rights he can change not only his own password but other users passwords as well It is also possible to publish password requirements in the web part If a user types an incorrect old password or his password does not meet the requirements a warning message will be displayed If you user forget his password or password is expired he needs to recover it first and then change to new one This can be done with Virto Password Reset Web Part which is a essential part of SharePoint Password management system Features Allows Active Directory or FBAP users to change passwords on their own without the administrators help Transfer passwords to AD or FBAP databases Password policy description publishing Warning messages if password does not meet requirements or incorrect Password validation options English and Spanish localization  

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