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An extremely smart email spider which scans the internet for email addresses and saves them. The queries of search engines can be not impossible. Email Spider can scan the whole web. But it can be configured by you, in order that it searches only websides of a preferred goal team. You have to to point the start URL as well as the program can do its work alone. Multithreading. Multiple net sides could be scanned. It’s possible for you to use your complete band with. Infinite size of the listings. URL- and e-mail lists of several million components are feasible. User friendly. Smart due to our excellent “Intelligent Research Mechanismus”. You’ll locate twice as many e-mail addresses in once. Integrated self defending mechanism which acknowledges websides that have non legitimate e-mail addresses deliberately or can create these dynamically. Quickly. Queries of search engines is not impossible. Graphical display of the identified e-mails. Small segmentation of the e-mail addresses is not impossible. Scan conduct fully-adjustable. Task based. It’s possible for you to stop the item anytime you need and contine at a later period. Several jobs could be carried through in once. Help is accessible. Time steered backup feasible. Logfile Double-D domain-names or e-mail addresses will be ingored. Stops instantly when the InterNet link is interrupted.

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