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EmEx 3 successor of Advanced Email Extractor (AEE) is made to extract email addresses from web pages on the Net (using HTTP and HTTPS protocols) and from HTML and text files on local disks. EmEx 3 supports operation by means of a proxy server and works very quick, as it’s capable of loading several pages simultaneously, and requires hardly any resources. EmEx 3 has various limiters of scanning range, using which it is possible to extract only the addresses you actually need from web pages, rather than extracting all of the addresses present there. You CAn’t only limit scanning depth and width, you can also cut off unneeded paths utilizing styles or simply delete them from careers listing throughout operation. EmEx 3 is quite adaptable and can be utilized to extract email addresses with proprietors actual names from “basic websites” as well as from internet-forums created on scripts and from servers like ZDNet. You can also use well-known search engines (Google, Bing, Excite, Yahoo!, InfoSeek and the others, including Great Britain, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, Finnish, Canadian, Danish, Russian, Czech, Israelitish, Greek, Australian, Nz and Estonian engines) for search by key words. EmEx 3 is assembled on Microsoft Ie kernel and for that reason features unmatched compatibility featuring all web servers and has information of subtleties of HTTP and HTPS protocols.

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