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What’s EncryptStick software? The EncryptStick(TMark) applications uses three components to secure your digital life: Shielded (encrypted) file storage; a personal browser; as well as a password manager. Encrypted file storage Fixes and save your personal documents in a secured vault in your EncryptStick empowered Memory Stick, and provides you access to them anytime….at house, in the workplace, on the transfer….everywhere. Secrecy Web Browser Your individual browser that it is possible to get from your EncryptStick empowered USB flashdrive. With this particular key, it is possible to securely and safely access your accounts from any pc on the planet. Password Manager Securely save your passwords; utilized with our browser that is risk-free, this supervisor logs in you; all using one mouse click or several keystrokes, and requires one to the site. Never be concerned about forgetting a password. Password Manager inputs your login qualifications for web sites you see. Do you know the gains? Your EncryptStick-enabled memory stick gives you safe access to your own digital on-line and also offline advice. Never worry about your searching task, since our secrecy web browser WOn’t ever leave behind your footprint on any pc which you have used. Are your searching sessions held completely confidential, but your documents additionally can have the additional security that is needed. You only have to recall your EncryptStick empowered memory stick to open and use all its functions and features. Lost your USB flashdrive? Our exceptional back-up facility and file recovery characteristic that is dropped makes it simple to bring back code words and your files to a fresh EncryptStick-empowered Memory Stick. Plus, if your memory stick is found by anybody, code words and your documents are not totally dangerous. Just how do we do this? The application is installed on among your Memory Sticks and runs from Mac and any Windows after adding the memory stick, pc. EncryptStick Installs in seconds, and turns your memory stick into your personal Digital Privacy Manager (DPM). Take your DPM and put it to use on Apple Macintosh or any PC any place in the world.

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