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Batch Excel File Converter is an Excel To All converter as it can converts multiple xls or xlsx files into many other file formats Whenever user choose a Excel files of any version of MS Excel Excel etc this tool will automatically recognized its format and then user can convert these files into other available formats like Excel Workbook xlsx Excel binary workbook xlsb Excel Workbook xls Web Page html Excel Template xltx Excel MacroEnabled Template xltm Excel Template xlt XML Spreadsheet xml Text txt CSV Comma delimited csv PDF pdf and XPS Document xps This Excel file converter allows the user to add a single file multiple files or a complete folder which contains multiple supported files If there are some files in the folder other than xls or xlsx then it will automatically discard them All files will be added on a file list on the main form screen So that user can easily recognize the files User can delete files which have been added by mistake by pressing delete key or by “remove selected” option This software supports many type of file conversion like It can convert excel to pdf xls to xlsx xls to csv xlsx to csv etc For the conversion of csv and txt it provides some options like User can export only first sheet User can export only Active sheet User can export all sheets as different file for each sheet User can export all sheets by merging them in a single file Really It is a time and money saving tool It has an easily understandable user interface Any person with less experience can also use this software after reading a help tutorial attached with this software

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