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FlexiPanels Flash primary functions Creates Flash designs using Desk-less signal thirty built-in sections, FIVE schema colours every Adobe air-based FlexiSlicer to produce your personal panels Shop predetermined designs and create person configurations for every website webpage Examine panels without upgrading the documents Replicate or extend back-ground Established fixed-width and height or match to information Established this content qualities (font-style, cushioning, peak, colour) Make Use of The inserted courses or your personal Dreamweaver inspector regarding on-the-fly modifications Works Together With Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4 if you are using the inserted ready-made panels The expansion includes thirty Pre-Defined panels (FIVE or even more colour styles every) It’s extremely fast: choose the panel  in the gallery and place it within the webpage Produces a DIVs + Flash framework which allows one to place information and also the resize of the cell components (header/physique/footer) without busting the look Contain or banish panel’s header, information or footer Alter the cell thickness and height and also the information qualities (font-style, cushioning, peak)  in the event that you begin with a layout image Includes FlexiSlicer  – an Adobe air-based device that can help you obtain the cell design from the format, piece and  move all of the required Pictures that’ll be utilized in the Flash Using FlexiSlicer you are able to harvest areas from your own format and alter the colour of the visual components on-the-fly Produces a DIVs + Flash structure-based in your reducing factors The cell components (headlines/physique/footer) could be resized in the expansion software with no need to produce a fresh visual style you are able to conserve the end result like a fresh cell and include it towards the gallery for after use

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