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A clever set of tools to clean fuzzy match and merge your data Easy customizable and low cost This product includes FuzzyMatch® DataClean® and DateMatch® iugum Data Software uses a powerful algorithm to link data from different sources easily and quickly Save considerable time and effort with this intelligent customizable software The proliferation of electronic databases has allowed researchers and analysts to address complex questions by linking  records from different sources But merging data from multiple databases brings major integration issues For example company identifiers are often missing or erroneous and company names are written in multiple ways Fuzzy match technology  is used to consider misspellings or possible spelling variations as valid matches Three sets of libraries noise predefined matches and synonyms can be customized to enhance the matching process iDS learns from previous matches so the more you use it the more powerful it becomes iDS is very easy to use Basically it compares two data tables to find matches in one or several fields at a time The data tables can be imported from many sources including Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access or as plain text files iDS can rapidly find perfect or close matches using any available identifier eg company ID product number social security number company name product description or name of person The user friendly interface includes a Match Board and a Match Toolbar with advanced functions for fast and easy review of the results of the matching process Once the links between identifiers have been established one can easily pick any type of data from both tables and produce a report 

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