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The GSA Image Analyser is a software for the scientific assessment of D pictures image analysis The chances of the application are changed and may be split in three main groups Object surface computation Object span computation and Object counting The surfaces of all recognised objects are automatically computed In addition the surface computation of single objects is potential The software provides the chance to figure out the relationships of the ascertained surfaces to every other and to the whole picture or backdrop The GSA Image Analyser has a group of functions that have been created particularly for the direct span Computation of quite complicated and quite ramified objects Such objects are for example plant roots along with the direct span computation an indirect computation using a grid intersection developed by Tennant is potential For this particular function the grid size may be freely defined The automatic count function determines the amount of all recognised objects and in addition gives the chance to count overlapping objects apart This separation can made over the object form the object surface and over the object intensity The grid intersection count function functions for the indirect object amount regulation Such processes are described eg by Buerker Fuchs Rosenthal Thoma shilling Tuerk Beside the automatic count functions the software got two guide count procedures contained One method indicates the objects in of the image as well as the other cuts the image into several smaller parts to allow it to be simpler for human eyes to follow many little things The GSA Image Analyser can read nearly all known graphic formats JEPEG GIF TIFF BMP PNG In addition the software provides interfaces to scanners microscopes and digital cameras TWAIN as well as to video cameras Video grabber TV cams This software was created to solve many issues it’s been Used for counting cells and calculating the size of plant roots

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