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Hindi Unicode Converter is one of its kind software developed to convert writing in devnagari scripts like Hindi Sanskrit Marathi Maithili Nepali Konkani etc written in fonts like Susha or kruti to Unicode Need for this type of converter arises simply because Windows does not support text written in fonts other than Unicode This software is adept at converting kruti to mangal susha to mangal  kruti to susha or susha to kruti  Another special feature provided is Unicode editor which supports Susha and Kruti style typing This is beneficial for the users used to typing in Susha or Kruti style and find it difficult to learn new way of typing Another innovative feature is onscreen keyboard in editor mode which enables the user to type Unicode text User has the option to type in Mangal font via susha or kruti style in unicode editor mode ie User can type in Susha and kruti style while software converts it to Mangal font Software has been equipped with a special feature to leave English text unchanged to save the user from inconvenience The converter can process hundreds of pages with precision at one go Usage of the software is very simple User can use the software to convert kruti to mangal susha to mangal kruti to susha susha to kruti shivaji to mangal etc by using simple commands User can simply press convert button and select conversion type to perfom conversion operations In Unicode editor mode user can simple press CtrlShiftP to type Unicode in phonetic layout like Shusha font and press CtrlShiftK to type Remington layout like kruti font This software boasts of high processing speed and thus can be extremely useful for transcription industry Software allows printing the text directly or by creating PDF file USP of this tool is its effectiveness in converting text in various languages like Hindi Sanskrit Marathi Maithili Nepali and Konkani etc written in Devnagari script to Unicode

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