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History Killer Pro is a complete solution for a variety of privacy issues and concerns that are relevant. This software ensures your online and offline privacy by undermining files and removing dangerous. In exactly the same time History Killer Pro is an extremely intuitive and user friendly application using an eternity permit. Based on an expert approach this sophisticated program cleans windows temporary files, recycle bin, unusable background, prefetch documents, index.dat file, cookies, cache, web history, Msoffice short-term file and so on maintaining your chosen web site info untouched. With custom research all unneeded things related your lookup query can be found by you. http://www.historykillerpro.com/features.html Background Killer Professional can even erase special advice from index.dat file (maybe not index.dat it self!). The program offers features that allow you to control what remains and what gets cleaned. Folder- you will be given control over documents that are deleted by treeview of Re-Cycle Bin content using their precise place. History Killer Pro is additionally could be set to wash your pc on a normal program. Hints and files deleted with History Killer Professional cannot be regained!

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