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History Killer erases Windows temp directories and documents, Recycle Bin, Windows search/locate history, auto-complete types, the current file list and locked index.dat files. In addition, it removes current documents in Wmp, real-player, Adobe products (Acrobat, Photoshop), Ulead items, Micro Soft products, Macromedia products, IrfanView, ACDSee and therefore one. In your browser, Background Killer erases cache documents, the background info, typed URLs, downloaded system files and cookies for many common browsers (Ie, Netscape, FireFox Mozilla, Opera, Flock). In addition, it clears Immediate Messenger chat logs, downloaded documents (Microsoft Network, Yahoo!, ICQ, Miranda ICQ, Skype, MIRC etc.), the Google, Yahoo tool bar search history. You may also configure Background Killer to get rid of your custom goals – files (using file masks additionally), folders and registry entries. Car-kill activity time scheduler and Windows startup can help you to conserve your time and effort. Files don’t forget and hints deleted by Background Killer cannot be regained! Features and Advantages Simple of Use * Suitable interface * 2 ways of work – TOTAL (primary window can be viewed) and ICONIC (primary window is concealed) * one click Scanning or Killing Program Goals Killing * Momentary folders cleansing * Windows run and find background cleansing * Scandisk documents eliminating * Protected Recycle Bin information deleting * Start-Menu Click and Purchase background eliminating * Windows page file clean-up * Windows Program, Security and System Event Logs cleansing * and mo-Re Browser Goals Killing * Help for Ie, Firefox Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and Flock browsers * Cache clearing * Cookies clearing * web history and last seen pages cleansing * Active-X controls elimination * auto-complete types elimination * Locked index.dat files clean-up * and more Car-Kill Characteristics * Car-Killing when Windows begins * Car-Killing on last browser way out * Car-Killing when the specified time elapses * Car-Killing on chosen program exit Advanced Attributes * User defined amount of protection * Assistance for plugins * Support for on-line Automatic Updates * Help for Custom Goals History Killer is designed to optimize the body. By frequently cleaning temporary files from you pc storage you’ll have the ability to: * Raise your computer operation * Safeguard your privacy * Speed up operating with web applications * free-up extra room in your HDD * Speed up Windows loading GUARDING YOUR PRIVACY WITH BACKGROUND KILLER IS A LOT A LOT MORE THAN JUST “PIECE OF BRAIN”. PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY IS ESSENTIAL.

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