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Type like a pro by using a mouse Hot Virtual Keyboard makes previousgeneration onscreen keyboards look ancient Type faster with configurable mouse gestures launch programs browse the Internet and run programmable macros with any of the keyboards included with Hot Virtual Keyboard The new virtual onscreen keyboard employs advanced typing techniques used in modern mobile phones and communicators including word autocomplete allowing you to choose the right word with a single click after entering just one or two letters Users of Tablet PC UMPC Panel PC Car PC and similar touchscreen devices will find Hot Virtual Keyboard indispensable Use a mouse touchpad or fingers for onscreen typing With Hot Virtual Keyboard you can type faster and more conveniently than by using builtin Windows OnScreen Keyboard Use gestures for quickly performing repeat operations such as shifting the case of the letters specify applications to hide Hot Virtual Keyboard from and set your own hotkeys to launch programs or Web sites run macros and perform operations such as copy and paste The new virtual onscreen keyboard replaces Windows builtin OnScreen Keyboard with a much more advanced alternative It’s just as useful and as compatible as the native application Supporting all languages and all installed keyboard layouts Hot Virtual Keyboard is a truly international tool Supplying over predefined keyboard skins the virtual onscreen keyboard allows you to create customize and configure a unique new keyboard to your personal liking Adjust colors and gamma assign unique sounds to groups of keys set shape of the keys and choose your own background Using a virtual onscreen keyboard does not have to be a hassle Try Hot Virtual Keyboard and you’ll never go back

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