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HotkeyManager is a must have keyboard short cut supervisor for BlackBerry owners. With HotkeyManager, it is possible to create and handle shortcuts to program utilities and programs, calls on your BlackBerry. Boosting your cellular experience up is only one click away! HotkeyManager makes it possible to convert your day-to-day tasks and different BlackBerry functions to your set of keyboard short-cuts and integrates with all the BlackBerry OS. With HotkeyManager, You can setup shortcuts to BlackBerry programs (including Alarm, Calendar, Google Maps, MemoryUp, NetworkAcc and Texas Hold’em King 2, etc.), short-cuts to telephone calls by just adding contacts from your BlackBerry contacts, and short cuts to BlackBerry program utilities (such as Open/Near wi fi, Open/Near Sign, Cam, E-Mail/SMS/MMS/PIN, and Shut-Down BlackBerry, etc.). All of the tiresome seeking and scrolling now becomes one hotkey-click.

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