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Duplicate Image Finder you searched for Automatically compare digital pictures find duplicates and highlight image differences Have you tried showing a set or a large collection of digital snapshots to a friend or relative Werent they underwhelmed and a little bored by the number of all too similar shots of the same subject Get rid of the duplicates automatically Image Comparer scans your entire collection of images analyzes their contents and locates files that look alike Manually locating similar images may be fine if you have a just dozen images But what if you have a hundred If you do it by hand itll take you quite a while If you are like most digital shooters you probably have several hundred or even a few thousand digital pictures stored in various folders Locating and removing duplicates can easily become a timeconsuming nightmare and may eventually even take away the fun of taking pictures Difficult lighting and exposure problems camera shake and digital noise can pollute your images If you encounter difficult shooting conditions you are probably taking a few duplicates with somewhat different settings Selecting the best shot out of a few duplicates is relatively easy but what if you have hundreds of duplicate shots Your viewers wont be overly impressed to see a dark shot a blurry shot and then just the perfect one followed by an overexposed view Image Comparer analyzes your digital images and automatically selects the best shot out of the many duplicates allowing you to move or delete duplicate images in a couple of mouse clicks Unlike similar products Image Comparer does not just look for exact duplicates Instead it analyzes and recognizes an images content and groups pictures that look alike You can specify the level of similarity that is sufficient to consider pictures to be duplicates View them in pairs or see the top ten similar images and keep the best one

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