Full Image Watermarker GLOBAL50PERCENT

Image Watermarker protects photos and images from being used without authorization protecting your property from free distribution   The program lets the user stamp pictures and text over the batch of image files to be watermarked It is fast efficient and ready to deal with a large number of images   Image Watermarker supports images of extensions bmp jpg png gif and tiff both for input as well as output   The program is very easy to use very intuitive there is practically no learning curve it is well structured making it easy and fast to comprehend how to use   Unlike other image watermarking software Image Watermarker resizes pictures to the proper size in each image watermarked as opposed to watermarking all photos with the same size of picture which in turns generates big watermarks on small images and small watermarks on big images   The program comes with several visual themes for the user to choose from Apart from that the program comes with automatic updates notifications and installs and uninstalls perfectly  

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