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iProfit HFT EA  iProfit HFT EA is a high frequency trader based on trading a Pairs with high correlation simultaneously with pairs which have lowmediumnegative correlation A single strategy is employed for the trade entry iProfit HFT is powered by a simple fast learning Neural Network module which predicts the next H bar HighLow values Prediction is based on past hours H bars only and does not include static prestored NN learning files iProfit HFT is a very active trader with excellent success rate and good trade management Traders can expect between to trades per month Averages pips on a monthly basis Trade entry is made atnear High and Low The system has a success rate of average gain size pip and average loss size is pips We recommend broker accounts with lowest possible spreads on all the traded pairs – IC Markets will be our choice All subscription license is valid for accounts realdemo The annual licensing option enables you to pay the subscription fee for months This option is suitable when you would like to trade the strategy before committing for lifetme license  You may choose to cancel subscription at any time and no further charges will me made to you On cancellation the subscription license will be automatically deactived within days after expiry of the annual license  

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