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Prolonged advantages award winning safety against most kinds of Web risks onlineshopping, financial and social media may depart your Computer susceptible to your electronic identification as well as infections – & funds subjected to felony assaults. Kaspersky’s revolutionary safety strategy that is cross includes effective protection systems operating on the real-time and also your computer effectiveness of the clouds. Consequently, Kaspersky REAL 3.0 Complete Protection provides a quicker, reaction that is more efficient to today’s actually-changing risks. Additionally, Kaspersky’s Automated Manipulate Avoidance technologies prevents that are fresh assaults that attempt to acquire control by applying weaknesses within generally or grab your individual information -utilized programs. Using Kaspersky, you are able to benefit from the Web without interruption or risks to its complete possible –. Safe buying – and banking using Kaspersky’s distinctive Secure Cash technologies if you utilize online cost methods or online-banking, buying sites, Kaspersky REAL 3.0 offers extra levels of safety. Kaspersky’s distinctive Secure Funds technologies helps to ensure that the website is safe phishing site or – to avoid anyone from being used with a phony. So that your creditcardnumber along with other individual information CAn’t be utilized by cybercriminals secure Cash will even provide to available your selected site in a unique, guarded style –. Real-time cloud, pro-active and systems identify rising fresh and unfamiliar risks Since new Web risks arise using incredible pace, Kaspersky safeguards your Computer by utilizing realtime information in the clouds. From dubious exercise on your computer, anyone can be protected by Kaspersky using the impair-dependent Kaspersky Security Community continuously collecting information from an incredible number of agreeing users’ methods. Possible risks analysed and are supervised in real time – and steps that were harmful are totally obstructed before they are able to cause damage. Safeguards your solitude as well as your electronic identification Kaspersky’s newest impair- positive and dependent Anti Phishing systems protect anyone – as well as your digital against criminals that are online. Additionally, Kaspersky REAL 3.0 contains two distinctive systems – Safe Keyboard and Virtual that provide extra safety against identification intruders and hackers when you’re entering private information on-line. Moreover, Kaspersky’s Code Manager* safely shops your passwords within an encoded container creates powerful accounts and instantly firewood anyone onto sites and programs. A brand new, impair-dependent function additionally allows your accounts to be synchronised by you across several computers. Planned copy safeguards your photos, songs and monetary information Easy To-utilize copy and recover functions enable you to safeguard your valuable photos, songs and monetary paperwork – therefore they’re nevertheless accessible in the event that you endure a tough drive accident or in case your Computer is misplaced or taken. Kaspersky REAL 3.0 also contains TWO Gigabyte of Online-Backup – to help you access your on line copy from any pc by having an web connection. Encoded containers safely shop your useful documents Kaspersky REAL 3.0 enables you to produce a safe container that is unique to shop useful info. Most info within the container is encoded and also its code also protects the container. Cyberpunks and crooks access the encoded info can’t, however, you may securely move your private information in one pc to a different. Computer Cleaning resources help maintain your Computer operating easily On each Computer, efficiency may negatively impact and depart computers susceptible to assaults. Kaspersky REAL 3.0 contains unique Computer Clean-Up resources that may completely ‘shred’ your erased paperwork and remove your browsing background, temporary documents, snacks and also the material of one’s Recycle Container. Computer Cleaning indicates you are able to safeguard electronic identification and your solitude, while additionally guaranteeing your Computer maintains operating easily. Trouble-free safety that helps you to protect your PC’s efficiency Kaspersky REAL 3.0 offers all you need to safeguard your PC and without continuously annoying anyone using inquiries and notifications. Kaspersky REAL 3.0 hasbeen optimized to function behind-the-moments – examining the trustworthiness of most apps and sites that you simply entry, examining the conduct of applications, instantly upgrading its databases… and much more. Using Kaspersky REAL 3.0 safeguarding your information as well as your Computer, you are able to appreciate our ultimate without the pace of one’s Computer significantly impacting. Centralised protection administration of several PCs… from the solitary Computer Kaspersky REAL 3.0, simple causes it to be extremely basic to handle several PCs’ protection in your house. In one Computer, you manage and can easily see most security including operating copy duties and tests, upgrades, repairing protection problems, slightly controlling parent controls… and much more. Sustaining one’s PCs’ protection hasn’t been even more handy or simpler. Awardwinning your kids are kept by parent settings online Kaspersky REAL 3.0 that is secure contains awardwinning parent handles – to keep your kids accountable and secure. Along with managing your children’s use of the Computer, Web, programs, activities and sites, you restrict may also prevent or record Instant-Messaging and social media. Moreover, it’s simple to manage document downloading and you will actually prevent the move of private such as for instance credit and telephone card figures. *Password Supervisor is unavailable for programs x64 OS’s or surfers. Fresh is listed by functions! If you record onto a web-based buying, financial or cost secure Cash – provides more protection regarding monetary dealings site, Kaspersky’s fresh Secure Cash technologies provides automated safety. It certifies the site’s protection certification inspections the website’s link against a summary of safe websites as well as tests your PC’s operating-system to check on for just about any associated weaknesses. Secure Cash additionally instantly shows that the website is exposed within the Secure Cash style – that is unique to simply help more safeguard your information that is individual against thievery. Fresh! Safe Keyboard & enhanced Digital Keyboard – assist safeguard your identification whenever a bank available or enter a code on the site – Kaspersky’s Safe Keyboard technologies instantly stops keyloggers. Moreover, Kaspersky’s enhanced Digital Keyboard technologies enables you to enter private information without actually utilizing a so that your info is secure from seize by keyloggers ‘screen scrapers’ and much more. Fresh! Automated Manipulate Avoidance – guards from the exploitation of weaknesses Viruses is progressively targeting weaknesses within generally- Computer programs that are utilized. Kaspersky REAL 3.0 Complete Protection features a fresh technologies – Automated Manipulate Avoidance – that obstructs viruses from applying these weaknesses. Automated Manipulate Avoidance regulates those things of any applications which have weaknesses and tests your Computer regarding vulnerabilities. Intrusions are blocked by it by: Managing the start of documents that are exe by any programs which have weaknesses Examining exe documents – to recognize any commonalities using recognized harmful applications Limiting those things that may be performed by programs which have vulnerabilities’ conduct Fresh! Code Manager* today contains by producing safe Code Synchronize Kaspersky’s Code Supervisor not just improves your protection –, accounts that are arbitrary – anyone are also instantly logged by it on programs and your site balances, including Messenger and Skype. Today, within the clouds, Kaspersky REAL 3.0 safely shops your accounts on-line using the fresh Code Synchronize function. From any Computer, you are able to securely access your accounts using Code Synchronize and start to become instantly recorded on programs and your selected sites. Fresh! Backup – that is online makes information back-up much more handy in case your Computer neglects, Kaspersky’s copy functions that are versatile imply you are able to nevertheless access songs, pictures, your paperwork along with other information. Kaspersky REAL 3.0 enables you to back-up your computer data on your drive, detachable press or perhaps a selection of additional bodily storage. Additionally, the Online-Backup function that is brand new enables you to shop as much as TWO Gigabyte of documents that are backup online. Safe containers – safeguard your many info that is valuable it’s simple to produce a unique, Using Kaspersky, safe container to shop your info that is best. Kaspersky encrypts all information that’s saved within access and the container to the container is code- – that is guarded to protect the container against hacker problems. Computer Cleaning resources – help and include protection you protect Computer efficiency Easy To-utilize Computer Clean-Up resources remove Your Online searching background and increase your protection by allowing you to ‘shred’ erased paperwork. Avoid attacks this can help to safeguard your solitude and maintain your Computer operating more easily. Home-Network Manage – shortens administration duties across several computers Kaspersky REAL 3.0 contains Home-Network Manage – to create it operate upgrades, copy information simple for one to start tests and handle the protection of several computers in your home-network – using a one Computer. Parent Control – keeps your kids secure online Kaspersky REAL 3.0 allows you restrict and to check your actions, common Computer utilization and emails. Regulates that are handy enable you avoid downloading of particular kinds of documents to safeguard your kids from dangerous Web information or improper sites as well as prevent emails using undesirable connections via instant-messaging or internet sites. *Password Supervisor is unavailable for programs x64 OS’s or surfers. Program needs Working Systems* Components Needs icrosoft or Windows 7 Home Version (Services Group THREE or higher) Microsoft or Windows 7 Professional (Services Group THREE or higher) Microsoft or Windows 7 Professional x64 Version (Services Group TWO or higher) Intel Pentium 800-mhz nebo rychlejší (or equivalent) 512 megabytes accessible Memory Microsoft Windows Vista House Fundamental (32/64bit) (Services Group TWO or higher) Microsoft Windows Vista Residence Quality (32/64bit) (Services Group TWO or higher) Microsoft Windows Vista Company (32/64bit) (Services Group TWO or higher) Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32/64bit) (Services Group TWO or higher) Microsoft Windows Vista Greatest (32/64bit) (Services Group TWO or higher) Intel Pentium INCH GHz 32 bit (x86) OR 64 bit (x64) or higher (or equivalent) ONE Gigabyte accessible Memory Microsoft Windows-7 Beginner (Services Group INCH or higher) Microsoft Windows-7 House Fundamental (32 / 64 Bit) (Service Bunch INCH or higher) Microsoft Windows-7 House Quality (32 / 64 Bit) (Service Bunch INCH or higher) Windows-7 Expert (32 / 64 Bit) (Service Bunch INCH or higher) Windows-7 Greatest (32 / 64 Bit) (Service Bunch INCH or higher) Intel Pentium INCH GHz 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64) or higher (or equivalent) ONE Gigabyte Memory (32-bit) or TWO Gigabyte Memory (64bit) Microsoft Windows-8 Ms Windows-8 Pro Microsoft Windows-8 Business Intel Pentium INCH GHz 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64) or higher (or equivalent) • 1 Gigabyte Memory (32-bit) or TWO Gigabyte Memory (64bit) **Password Supervisor just works together with 32-bit programs. *ARM isn’t recognized. Necessary for most installs Roughly 700 megabytes free-space about the drive (based on anti-virus databases size) CD ROM or DVD ROM generate – regarding adding Kaspersky REAL 3.0 from Disc mouse button or additional appropriate directing gadget web connection – regarding initiating Kaspersky REAL 3.0 Ms Ie 8.0 or more Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0 Components needs regarding laptops: Intel Atom 1.6 GHz (Z520) – or suitable 1GB DDR2 accessible Memory Movie adapter: Intel GMA950 using at-least 64 megabytes of storage – or suitable Display size: 10.1-inch, using 1024×600 resolution – or above

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