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 King Kid Solution Guard a credit card applicatoin search and to safeguard your individual docments. Your documents solution to be kept by a credit card applicatoin. Features: ONE. Quite Simple Procedure. Proceed to the course on library only have to pull the road of paperwork and fall it, most docs towards the collection are packed underneath the route. TWO. Assistance Powerful capability to process collection, such as for instance paperwork process that is mass, mass documents process, duplicate one another between two lib, a such like. THREE. Quick Research. You’ll find the paperwork in lib away extremely fast due to the databases capability of the lib. FOUR. Ideal document visitor. Assistance mass images search, assistance inner direct-view regarding kind paperwork that are regular like document txt, rtf swf audio and wmv etc. FIVE. Inner Shrink. Increase the event of winzip and winrar significantly, such as for instance shrink a sizable amounts of paperwork, pace of see research and customization of compacted document etc. SIX. Assistance Course Password-Protection, that will be helpful for individual e-books, individual doc and images. SEVEN. Distinctive approach to safeguard large document on the planet, thisis it, Slice The initial component(4K) of document and conserve it towards the collection, it’s wandful to safeguard large press documents.

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