Free KV Antivirus 2010 2 years

KV Anti-Virus 2010provides the positive anti-virus and Easy To-utilize safety using heuristic motor that is powerful and sophisticated smart checking, that will be suitable for Windows-7. When expert Positive Threat Safety can be used additionally, it may identify possible risks and offer options. Furthermore, over five sophisticated or fresh capabilities are incorporated, such as for instance sophisticated Cloud-Computing, Zero- sophisticated Zero, Rootkit -Virus regarding Web-Page. Your Computer is protected by it totally from unfamiliar and recognized harmful risks, identitytheft, such as for instance Trojans rootkits scams. In contrast to prior edition of KV Anti-Virus, KV 2010 is more smart using the subsequent benefits:★ Suitable For Windows-7 Fresh! ★ Positive Threat Protection Fresh! ★ Protection Specialist(Specialist) Fresh!★ Identify Program Security-Level & Provide Methods To Enhance Fresh!★ antispam Fresh!★ Quicker Checking Pace using Smart Checking Motor Sophisticated!★ Cloud-Computing Sophisticated!★ Kernel self protection Sophisticated!★ Energetic Protection Sophisticated!★ Unpacking by Digital Device Sophisticated!★ Heuristic Checking Sophisticated!★ Sandbox Sophisticated!★ Smart Energetic Protection Sophisticated!★ Zero-rootkit & Zero-connect Sophisticated!★ Vulnerability Reading and Autopatching Sophisticated!

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