MANAGE BEACONS Platform Purchase Agreement You understand that you are purchasing the beacon platform ordered above We provide a warranty term stated above should a Beacon malfunction you will need to return the beacon to our business address via US Mail Upon receipt of the defective beacon we will replace it with a new one at no additional charge This warranty does not cover damage due to miss use or abuse of the Beacon Tampering to the beacon in anyway may cause the beacon to fail   You also understand that you are required to subscribe as a monthly user on our Proximiti Beacon Platform based on the number of beacons you recieved This is where you will manage your notifications The user fee will be a recurring payment on a monthly basis charged to the account listed above However platform service can be cancelled at any time with days’ notice There are no refunds on the actual Beacons If you cancel the platform or fail to pay for monthly service your account will be terminated and your beacon will be removed from the platform     You also agree that there are no guarantees or warranties that you will make sales using proximity marketing Proximiti Beacon is your platform to leverage beacon technology and this is a marketing tool like any other marketing out there We do know that you will get more exposure to your business     You also agree and are aware that it is ILLEGAL for you to place a beacon on private property without the express written permission of that property owner If you are found out to be committing this crime you will be banned account terminated and no refunds or any nonusage will be refunded We at Proximiti Becon will assist local authorities if we are contacted to provide information IE placing a beacon inside a fake rock and placing in a planter or placing in a mall with high traffic placing inside a fake electric box and labeling it high voltage but really your beacon is inside     Please allow weeks for receipt of beacons They will come activated and added to your dashboard   You will receive an email when they are ready to be delivered In the meantime you can start building your landing pages as soon as you sign up for the user platform and creating the character notifications so you are ready to start marketing as soon as the beacons are in your hands     • By purchasing here I agree to the above terms of contract    


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