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Modbus Learn is just a modbus learn debugger made to assist builders of modbus slave to check and debug the modbus protocol.With the several doc inteface you are able to study and create subscribes and colis from any window.For every windowpane you simplly stipulate the modbus slave identification,functions,tackle, dimension and information structure,to alter the sign-up or coils simply double-click the value.You may also check the conversation using the Check Windowpane and filte the information structures using the toolbar.You may filte by study or create or functions,and also the information could be released to txt or HTML-file.


Nbsp backed&; nbsp & Process;Variations:

Modbus RTU

Modbus ASCII

Modbus TCP IP

Modbus nbsp RTU&; nbsp & Over;TCPORIP

Modbus nbsp ASCII&; nbsp & Over;TCPORIP

Nbsp backed&; nbsp & Modbus;Capabilities:

01: Study coils standing

02:  nbsp & Study; input standing

Goal:  nbsp & Study; holding signup

Apr:  nbsp & Study; input subscribes

05:  nbsp & Pressure; nbsp & solitary;coils

Summer:  nbsp Pre-Set&; nbsp & solitary;signup

Fifteen:  nbsp & Pressure; nbsp & several;circles

Sixteen:  nbsp & Pre-Set; nbsp & several; nbsp & subscribes;

Backed Data Structure:

Unsigned brief

Signed brief

Unsigned integer

Signed integer

Unsigned nbsp & integer;inverse

Signed nbsp & integer;inverse


Float Inverse



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