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Outlook Email Finder is fast and accurate email address extractor software developed to provide the users with an efficient tool to extract and save email IDs contained in MS Outlook and Outlook express files This useful Outlook email extractor software provides the user with whole lot of advance features to extract email addresses in bulk Users can save the extracted email IDs in CSV format which opens in excel or TXT format which opens in Notepad Filter options can be used to set search criteria and extract email IDs relevant to it This prohibits extraction of irrelevant email IDs and precisely extracts relevant and useful ones This email extractor software is adept at extracting email IDs from different folders like inbox outboxes sent items deleted items contacts etc Users can add any number of PST files apart from default files to selected accounts and profiles for Email ID extraction The software can extract email IDs contained in personal folders and sub folders also Feature wise this software is advance but it is quite simple to use The user simply needs to select the file and click on start extracting button to extract Email IDs Extracted email IDs can be saved in CSV or TXT files effortlessly Users can also use filter options to extract relevant email IDs with similar ease  This unique email address finder has been specifically programmed to avoid duplicacy by automatically excluding duplicate email IDs Tool is compatible with different windows platforms like Windows vistaXP etc and works with different versions of Outlook like and With advent of email and phone as important tools in business communication software tools like Phone number and email ID extractors have gained wide acceptance Recognizing the importance of these tools both large and small organizations are opting for these Purpose of these tools is to perform extraction task fast and with accuracy Outlook Email Finder stands out in that regard

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