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Outlook Phone Number Extractor is an advance number extractor software adept at Extracting Phone numbers and Fax numbers from MS Outlook and Outlook express Files The software is well equipped to extract numbers from different folders like Inbox Out box Drafts Sent items Deleted items etc Phone numbers saved in contacts file can also be extracted Purpose of the software is to provide the user with an efficient tool which can extract relevant Phone and Fax numbers contained in mails saved in Outlook files The software has been equipped with enough features to serve this purpose The software boasts of advance filtering options These filtering options help the user to extract relevant numbers by setting search criteria as per the need The software is programmed to avoid duplicacy and excludes duplicate numbers automatically The software allows the user to save extracted numbers in different formats Numbers can be saved in CSV files which open in excel and TXT files which open in Notepad The software is fast and reliable and is compatible with different Windows platforms like Windows vistaXP This software can be a very useful tool in present scenario As phone has become the single most important cog in business communication organizations need phone number finder tools like Outlook Phone number extractor     The tool can be especially useful for organizations involved in selling goods and services These organizations receive bulk sales leads through emails and need an efficient phone number extractor software which can extract relevant numbers from mails saved in MS Outlook or Outlook express files

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