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We are the lowest cost provider of peer company data and KPI trend analyses for US public companies Drilldown by Industry Select any industry and see all public companies within that industry for easy drilldown  You can select any business within that industry or a combination of such companies within that indusrty and drilldown further to view the historical data KPI trend analyses Standardized KPI Ratio Trends We developed algorithms that utilize most frequently occurring account tags within an industry we use XBRL data sets from SEC and created standard KPIs for each industry as well as each company within an industry Our industry KPIs are average of such KPIs for all companies within that industry as well as average for all periods   Visualize the data in beautiful charts You will see the financial data or KPI analyses in visually appealing charts Whether it is an industry metric such as average revenue share or an individual companys account balance trends or KPI ratop trends you can vosualize all analyses in these chart formats if you like   Interactive tables Or if traditional tables is your cup of tea then no worries you can see all data and KPI analyses in tabular form as well  You get to choose how you want to see the historical data and KPI analyses for all US public companies Export to Excel PDF You can not only print all the analyses but also export the analyses into PDF formats In addition you can also export the analyses both data as well as KPI ratios to MS Excel with click of a button Yes you can export to excel the data in charts too

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