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Unhappy with the quality of your digital photo enlargements Resize your images using BenVista PhotoZoom Classic and get superb results through our unique awardwinning SSpline technologies Higher Quality PhotoZoom Classic is specialized in enlarging photos while preserving quality Equipped with BenVistas unique SSpline technologies this software easily surpasses alternative solutions such as Photoshops Bicubic interpolation PhotoZoom Classic also offers a special setting for removing JPEG compression artifacts and noise Perfect for images originating from the Internet Easytouse Features PhotoZoom Classic comes with handy presets that are specially designed for different types of photos and graphics You can also create and save your own presets using an easy set of finetuning tools The large preview window instantly gives you a preview of the end result which makes it a piece of cake to determine the optimum settings for the given image You can even split the preview window into parts and make a live comparison between different resize methods Also very convenient are the improved crop features which allow you to select and resize specific portions of your images Ideal for spectacular closeups PhotoZoom Classic works as a standalone application and supports the latest versions of Windows and macOS Conclusion BenVista PhotoZoom Classic creates image enlargements of outstanding quality and is extremely easy to use An absolute musthave for camera and smartphone owners and anyone who wants to create great looking image enlargements

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