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Key Prevx Highlights Rapid scan engine: Typical PC scan in under a minute. Compatibility: Prevx 3.0 can be employed along with other antivirus, antispyware or web protection packages. Risk database: World’s biggest on-line risk database. Clean-Up: Fixes PCs that are contaminated. Fast and effortlessly eliminates viruses, bots, Trojans, rootkits and worms. Protection: Strong. Realtime. Joins anti-virus, rootkit, antispyware and zeroday heuristics. Telling: Infection alarms sent immediately via text messaging or emal. Support: Free US- assistance via internet and telephone. High-Speed Scan Prevx 3.0 integrates a totally new and unique system to scan your Computer, meaning it is capable of doing a complete PC test in 1-2 minutes, where-as other top security software may consider more than an hour. With quick scans you’ll be ready to scan your Computer more generally and a whole lot more likely. Daily scans using one minute barely make an impact on your pleasure of your Computer in any way around. When you get assurance in the scan times that are fast, you will discover yourself working scans whenever you’ve some worries about safety – for instance, before logging on your Your Online banking or when buying online. Compatible & Mild Individuals in many cases are told they should just run one Antivirus software on their PC so that you can prevent any compatibility problems – but with Prevx 3.0 we’ve eliminated that restriction. Prevx 3.0 was constructed with compatibility in mind – so you could securely operate Prevx 3.0 alone, but there is actually no reason why you could not also operate another safety software alongside if you wanted, which which provides a deeper and more layered complete protection. Prevx 3.0 additionally establishes new requirements at being the lightest protection consumer accessible. It’s requires only seconds to install less than 900 kilobytes to obtain, and contains the best memory and CPU utilization of anti-malware products. Constantly Uptodate With all Prevx merchandises, you can’t have to download so that you can remain protected against the most recent threats, a signature upgrade. That is because we identify most of files according to their behaviour. Are stored centrally on our cloud-based database that is malware, meaning each user gets the most upto-the-2nd determinations. The Prevx hazard database learns of over 250 250,000 new executable things every 24 hrs. and receives vast amounts of of risk occasions daily The occasions and aggregated information that explain the appearance, being, propagation and behaviour of the things is correlated and reviewed by the Planet ‘s most powerful automated research operation in time. Malware Clean-Up The huge data-base of over 100 million exceptional executable things enables Prevx 3.0 to rapidly identify illnesses and understand precisely what’s needed to take them off and recover the Computer to security and healthiness.

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