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Design and Print Any Labels Barcodes Price Tags and More Print labels barcodes cards price tags and more through any printer or marking device Any sizes of labels price tags etc from the smallest to A or US Letter and bigger Support printing on selfadhesive sheet labels of any size Flexible print settings scaling templates one template different sizes of labels Saving labels to Excel and PDF If you do not have a printer at your workplace you can save the labels to PDF or Excel file and print it elsewhere Barcode symbologies Support for more than types of barcodes EAN EAN UPCA Code Code EAN QRcode PDF Aztec and many others Output to barcodes any information if supported by the selected barcode type Generator of barcodes with flexible settings Formulas for forming a barcode and changing the type of barcode on the fly according to specified conditions at the time of printing Autofit font sizes Allows displayed in labels all text regardless of its length the font size will automatically be changed so as to output the text in full Labels that look different in different conditions One template different appearance of labels Visibility of objects shapes images text etc and layers in templates depending on the conditions for example product discount product category availability of certain words in the product description etc allows to use one template displaying different information for different products For example stocks for promotional products different option sets for different models of products etc Formulas and Scripts in Templates Formulas and formatting allow to output in labels anything and in any appearance Arithmetic operations discounts markups operations with dates rounding barcode formation conditions text replacements including via regular expression and other formulas and all the power of Pascal scripts Many number of formatting options for numbers and dates Import Data into internal database or print labels using Data From External Sources PricePrint allows to import data or directly print labels using data from a variety of sources Spreadsheets Excel ODF OpenOffice LibreOffice etc Text files with delimiters CSV unloading from a site management systems SQLite databases Any data source via ODBC SQL Server Access MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle etc Clipboard JSON files Flexible settings error control system as well as the ability to test imports without changing the data allow to execute various import scenarios and avoid errors Integration with other programs PricePrint easily integrates with other programs through the command line or through requests to the builtin HTTP server and receiving transferring data via text files of JSON format or connection to ODBC sources  

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