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RadioPlanner performs various types of area studies for mobile networks     Received Power uplinkdownlink     Strongest Server Best Server     CI ratio     Area with Signal above Both the Base and Mobile Thresholds Area studies for terrestrial radio and television broadcast transmitters     Field Strength at the Receiver Location     Calculation of the population in the coverage area based on the OpenStreetMap project database      Generation of the list of localities covered by broadcasting All calculations are performed in accordance with the recommendation ITUR P A pathspecific propagation prediction method for pointtoarea terrestrial services in the VHF and UHF bands RadioPlanner allows you to do     Frequency planning of radio networks considering cochannel and adjacent channels interference     Points calculation showing the profile of the path losses and levels of the signal and interference on cochannel and adjacent channels     Import the measurement results of the received signal power levels for comparison with calculated values and adjust propagation model parameters     Save the result of the coverage calculation as an interactive web page or as a raster image     Flexibly adjust the layers on the base map show custom vector layers GIS features     SRTM dataset is used as a digital terrain model Data sources USGS EarthExplorer site     Landcover model with the different types of clutter dense urban urban suburban open land water and treesforest Landcover model was created on the basis of OpenStreetMap wwwopenstreetmaporg и Global Forest Change wwwearthenginepartnersappspotcom projects     Any kinds of basemaps—both common such as OpenStreetMap OpenTopoMap etc and custom ones

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