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Some hours or days after delivering an newsletters to all of your customers your mailbox will soon be full of messages like “sorry person doesn’t exists” or “person not known”. That happens because some mail servers don’t return an error message when getting a message of an e-mail account that doesn’t exist. However, these mail servers deliver a message by which they tell the sender the dispatching of the the e-mail was unsuccessful. To ensure you box WOn’t be filled with one of these error messages, the ResponseAnalizer scans your mailbox in a few time intervals after such messages and eliminates them if wanted. ResponseAnalizer saves the the e-mail addresses of these non-existing mail accounts. Then you’re able to remove these e-mail addresses from your email list list. Which means that your e-mail lists lists are consistently updated and you WOn’t spend any time dispatching your potential newsletters to non-existing email accounts. Infinite size of the listings. Scan of several mailboxes is not impossible. Scanning time flexible. Really user friendly.

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