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Characteristics and Advantages: 1) Simple to work with – simply use Crawler or enter your URLs, you do not even need to understand XML syntax; 2) Incorporated thread Crawler that can crawl your website and add all of your URLs into xml-sitemap file (it is possible to add your own extensions or exclusions); 3) Complete conformity of created XML file with xml-sitemap protocol (analyzed for Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, Microsoft Network (Live.com) and Moreover.com); 4) gzip compression help (*.xml.gz); 5) Sitemap index e-ditor; 6) URL parameters shifting with right-click (quick edit); 7) Import and export URL list (in *.txt format); 8) Import from HTML sitemap or from RSS 2.0; 9) FREE HTML site map export (without URL amount limit); 10) Combining distinct sitemaps; 1 1) Vehicle checking of duplicate URLs; 12) URL copy, paste and replicate; 13) URL Locate/Change; 14) Search engines telling (submit site map directly to Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, Microsoft Network (Live.com) and Moreover.com); 1-5) Upload site map directly in the application (FTP supervisor); 16) Batch enhancing of URL parameters by right-click; 17) Google CodeSearch site map export; 18) Connection via proxy-server.

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