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SSDlife is designed for monitoring the health condition of SSD drives It can be useful for everyone who deals with SSD drives from a system administrator to a regular user who cares about the safety of data It has a comfortable interface that allows you to view all available information about SSD drives manufacturer size working time You can even look through SMART attributes if you click the corresponding button You can also see whether your drive and operating system support the TRIM command If you have more than one SSD drive on your computer information about every drive will be displayed on a separate tab But the most important thing is that you can see the health of every SSD drive in a visual form The unique CleverChecktm technology ensures that drives are constantly monitored The program checks them automatically according to the schedule in the background mode so you will not even notice the work of the program Besides the program will not occupy the resources of your computer because it is loaded to the memory only for the checkup and then gets unloaded from it till the next time But if SSDlife detects a change in the health condition of the drive it will immediately notify you about it by displaying a hint in the notification area for you to be able to open the main window of the program Due to monitoring the drive health condition all the time SSDlife can estimate the lifetime of the SSD drive so you will know the approximate time when you may start to have problems with it Another useful feature of the program is that it can publish its reports online This way you will be able to share your SSD drive information with colleagues or experts All in all this program has everything you may need to prevent your SSD drives from failures The program supports all modern SSD drives and it runs under Windows XP Server Server Vista and Windows and

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