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Total Excel Files Converter – A time money saving revolutionary software for MS Excel Total Excel Files Converter is fast and efficient software which converts multiple Excel files into many other formats It converts multiple xls and xlsx files into one certain format at a time and with a single click with batch processing It can converts source file into many formats like Excel Workbook xlsx Excel binary workbook xlsb Excel Workbook xls Web Page html Excel Template xltx Excel MacroEnabled Template xltm Excel Template xlt XML Spreadsheet xml Text txt CSV Comma delimited csv PDF pdf and XPS Document xps This Excel file converter is fastest way to convert excel to pdf xls to csv xlsx to csv Excel in html xlsx to pdf xls to xps and many other conversions It provides some options for csv and txt conversion It allows the user to export only Active Sheet Only First sheet or all sheets as different file for each sheet or in a single file It allows user to add supported files one by one or directly by importing a folder containing multiple supported files If user wants to add a different folder then user can clear all files with a single click Before conversion process starts user can set the destination file path to save converted files Converted files can be saved in native folder It shows a status column with every file name which shows time taken by the software to convert a file If any error occurs during the processing it is also shown in status bar It has a user friendly interface which is easily understandable A nontechnical user can easily understand its functionalities

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