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It submissions everything and plants or machines all at one time the pictures regarding full-screen examine thumbnails or standard see, next instantly creates the XML for every picture. Primary Functions works together with any XML structure, including in house created slideshows, galleries or advertising rotators will several picture resizes at the same time for the picture measurements you’ll need: thumbnails, moderate size, complete size, full-screen examine, etc the picture resize is performed by harvest or level works together with PNG, DIGITAL or GIF and you will protect or alter the picture format facilitates photos and pictures could be preserved in particular files or re-named using suffixes for that most-used slideshows you simply need to include pictures and scrolls you can include your personal areas towards the software (checkbox, text area, Wealthy publisher) for every customized area you can include customized labels within the XML you are able to save your valuable personal XML themes the pictures and XML could be submitted towards the creation machine instantly

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