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The URLCollector scans search engines such as Google or Yahoo for domain-names and saves them. You will get an excellent portion of the domain-names saved in the lookup engines should you continue running the URLCollector long enough. It’s possible for you to use these URL’s for example to create email addresses using our EmailGenerator. Settings for lookup engines happen to be given. These can nevertheless be changed or supplemented. And that means you have to press the start menu! Multithreading. Search engines like google could be scanned. It’s possible for you to use your complete band with. Infinite size of the listings. URL- and key word lists of several million components are feasible. User friendly. Quickly. Limitation of the domains to a land or area is not impossible in the event this chance is offered by the major search engines. Task based. It’s possible for you to stop the item anytime you need and contine at a later period. Several jobs could be carried through in once. Help is accessible. Doubled identified domains are overlooked.

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