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This is remarkable image remover software developed primarily to help in removing images in word documents to shrink the size documents or reduce page count Users often need to remove images to make documents compact and more legible At times users face difficulty in attaching files to emails if total size of all attachments exceeds specified limit This tool can be very useful in such a situation Images at times hamper readability of a document and need arises to remove them Removing large number of images in multiple or even single document can be very cumbersome This tool can be very helpful in such situation as this tool facilitates seamless removal of multiple images in multiple word files at one go Tool can remove images from MS word files of different formats like DOC DOCX and RTF This tool is very simple to use Users need few clicks of the mouse to carryout most operations To carryout image removal operations user first needs to add files from which images need to be removed Users can add files by using either ‘add files’ or ‘add folder’ button After clicking on ‘add files’ button users have to select files to be processed but by using add folder button users can automatically add all files contained in a particular folder for processing Users also have the option to remove added files After the files have been added user just needs to click on ‘Remove images’ button to automatically remove images contained in all added filesTool is also provided saving options This tool can remove images both from page area and Header and footer area as per the instructions of the user This tool can be helpful for users who need to remove images from documents to make them attachable to emails or to lower page count to make it more legible

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