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Introduction KoolReport Pro is an advanced solution for creating data report or dashboard in PHP Equipped with all extended packages KoolReport Pro is able to connect to various datasources perform advanced data analysis construct stunning charts and graphs and export your beautiful work to PDF Excel JPG or other formats Not forget to mention it also includes some powerful builtin reports such as pivot report and drilldown report It can help you to easily write dynamic data reports construct intuitive dashboards or build a whole business intelligence cockpit Extended Packages KoolReport Pro contains all current extended packages and the future ones Below are the list of all packages that power KoolReport Pro making it the most powerful reporting framework The list will be updated with any new packages released   Name Description Example Core library DataSources Connect to MySQL SQL Server Oracle PostgreSQL Firebird SQLite CUBRID ODBC and DB IBM D CSV Microsoft Excel Data process Perform data filtering grouping sorting aggregated summary number and datetime bucketing and so many more Data visualization Google Charts library support various types of charts Table Bar Line Pie Map Geo Timeline and more   Barcode Generate BarCode and QRCode in your report view Cache Drive the speed and responsiveness of your reports to the max   CleanData Solve the data missing problem improve data quality   Cube Help to turn your data into two dimensions crosstab table view Excel Get data from Excel and export data to Excel   Export Export your report to PDF JPG PNG and other formats view Inputs Build dynamic reports with various input controls view Instant Create widget instantly without setting up a full report   MongoDB Connect and get data from MongoDB   Morris Chart Create Morris Chart in KoolReport   Pivot Help to explore relation and aggregated result among more than one pair of column fields view Sparklines Create tiny charts   Statistics Provide various statistical measures for your data   QueryBuilder Build fast and errorfree SQL Query for your report   DataGrid Better way to display data in table format search sort group data and more   DrillDown Build awesome drilldown drillthrough report easily view ChartJS One of the most beautiful and powerful chart libraries for your report view Future packages Within timeframe of subscription you are entitled to any new packages added to the KoolReport Pro   Unlimited Reports Projects Servers You may create unlimited reports in unlimited projects and deploy on unlimited servers Full Source Code Easy to learn debug and customize KoolReport and its packages are delivered in full sourcecode There is no obfuscation or whatsoever If you want to learn our code to understand how everything works you can do so If things go wrong it is easy to debug to the line of code And if you want to add your own customization to the product it is also easy Priority Support ONE Year of Priority Support We understand that getting started with new things is always hard and support is crucial Our support team including software experts and data analysts are ready to assist you stepbystep through any difficulties Owning KoolReport Pro license you are entitled year of Priority Support With Priority Support pass your post on forum will be marked with star and received faster and more detail answer from our team When year subscription is ended you may purchase another subscription with half of the license price only to continue enjoying our Priority Support Free Upgrade ONE Year of Free Upgrade Purchasing KoolReport Pro you are entitled year of free upgrade including enhancements bug fixes and any New Packages added to the KoolReport Pro New package regardless of its price will be delivered to you free of charge and you can use it forever When year subscription is ended you may purchase another subscription with half of the license price only to continue enjoying our Free Upgrade Royal Free Distribute reports to your clients without extra charge You may deliver your reports together with KoolReport Pro to your clients without any extra charge But remember your clients only have the right to consume content of your reports but they do not have right to extract KoolReport Pro to create another reports If they want to they need KoolReport Pro license Developer License The Developer License allows Single Developer to use KoolReport Pro to write Unlimited Reports in Unlimited Projects and deploy on Unlimited Servers Return Policy Day Money Back Guarantee If KoolReport Pro does not work for you you may return it within days We will do full refund and no questions asked Just drop us an email then we will do the rest Summary What will I get when purchase KoolReport Pro Professional Library to construct your business intelligence with various data connections powerful data processing stunning data visualization and boosted power from surrounding packages Full Source Code for customization One year of Priority Support from data and software experts One year of Free Upgrade One year to get new commercial packages free Right to distribute to unlimited clients OFF when renewing license Fully refund if things go wrong Testimonials What people say about KoolReport I really love your work The KoolReport Pro is working very well Keep it up  Anfilofio Santos We’re very happy customers Thanks for the great turnaround time and attention with your tech supportThanks Steve   and many more here   So get KoolReport Pro now and build your excellent business intelligence cockpit  

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